Main Street Community Designation

Designated Main Street Communities

Communities must participate at the Network or Rural Network Member level in order to be eligible to apply for designation as a Main Street Community. 

  • Designated Main Street Communities operate at a high level of management and are applying the Main Street Approach to the full extent.  Benefits of participation at the Designated Main Street Community level include:
  • National Main Street Center Membership that includes expanded offerings to only those communities designated by a State coordinating program along with the exclusive right to identify affiliation with the Main Street program;
  • Unlimited access to (some of it fee-based with a contract) information, resources, on-site and off-site technical assistance, organizational development support, on-going organizational guidance, special project assistance, presentations, training, visioning  and strategic plan development;
  • on-site technical assistance; visit can be on any topic but these are the most common—
    • Board, Committee & Director orientation
    • One-day overview of the Main Street Four Point Approach for board/committees
    • Organizational development support or topic specific assistance (according to community requests/needs)
    • Visioning and work plan development
  • Discounted or FREE registration for statewide meetings/trainings and for all webinar training (discount extends to local managers, board members, committee volunteers, business/property owners, tourism, economic development/Chamber leaders, community members and public officials)
  • Eligibility to bid to host statewide meetings and trainings including webinars
  • Membership listing (website, annual report, promotional materials, news, social media, presentations)
  • Advocacy (legislative, marketing & promotion of your activities and projects)
  • Annual awards recognition
  • Access to grants when available (match required)
  • Eligibility for National Main Street Accreditation
  • Free networking and information services including the weekly email update with tips, information and resources;
  • Remote access to staff using Skype (board & committee meetings, special assistance requests)
  • Nebraska Main Street Network Community Road Signs (extra fee required)