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Main Stret Historic Trails Walk Ogallala 2003
Trailhead Park Beatrice 2004
Main Street Furnishings Lexington 2004
Downtown Lighting Project Lexington 2005
Downtown Square Landscaping Burwell 2007
Main Street/Highway 15 Streetscape Project Wayne 2007
Downtown Streetscape/Lighting Project Phase 1 Fremont 2007
Rustic Bike Racks (WSC Service Learning Project) Wayne 2008
Downtown Tree and Planter Project Kearney 2010
Charles Park Renovation Beatrice 2011
Holiday Pots & Greenery Wayne 2011
Dodge POW Minipark Grand Island 2012
Comprehensive Streetscape & Infrastructure Improvement Project Plattsmouth 2012
Falls City DTR Project Falls City 2016
4th & Ella Street Parking Lot Project Beatrice 2018